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Still having a problem with this. Here is what I am seeing:

(Just FYI for others, the "Automatic Level Styles" feature is located in the Format menu.
And it is governed globally by the default template. If checked in your template, unchecking it in the menu for a specific doc will not help. Open the default template (Prefs, General> edit template) to make an overriding choice.)

Now my template has been edited and saved, new docs open with "Automatic Level Styles" feature not checked in the menu. But the unwanted behavior persists in new docs!

My template for each entire new doc is Hoefler 18 Normal. That is followed until I paste in text in another style, using regular paste. Then not only does the pasted text appear in the pasted font and size, but so do siblings created below it, and children of it and its siblings.

Example: (I don't know how to paste images in so they appear properly here in regular replies & this is a Quick Reply)

Level 1: Hoefler 18
Level 2: Hoefler 18
Level 3: paste in Verdana 12
Level 4 (child of pasted row) appears in Verdana 12
Level 3 sibling beneath it also appears in Verdana 12
A new Level 2 row, created below the Verdana rows, reverts to Hoefler 18 and all is well thereafter unless I paste again.

And, the "Automatic Level Styles" remains unchecked despite this behavior.

To get things back to Hoefler 18 in rows equal to or below the pasted row I have to delete the style chits in Inspector>Style Attriburtes, or apply menu Format> Clear Style.