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I filed a similar request in Oct. 2007 (#214994). I'm guessing it fell into the "future" pile:


In context mode, it's impossible to know which action group an action belongs to. If I have a project like this:

Give Annual Reviews (Project, parallel)
[_] Give John Review
[_] Meet w/John
[_] File paperwork
[_] Give Paul Review
[_] Meet w/Paul
[_] File paperwork

In Context mode, I see

[_] Meet w/John (Give Annual Reviews)
[_] Meet w/Paul (Give Annual Reviews)

Which is fine; but when I complete these, I see
[_] File paperwork (Give Annual Reviews)
[_] File paperwork (Give Annual Reviews)

I know I could say "File paperwork for John's review" but I shouldn't need to, as I already have the data necessary to show me that information. I would like to see something like this:

[_] File paperwork (Give John Review, Give Annual Reviews)
[_] File paperwork (Give Paul Review, Give Annual Reviews)

Additionally, when I'm grouped by project, it's redundant to have the project header *and* the project name listed. So I'd like to see this when grouped by project:

Give Annual Reviews
[_] File paperwork (Give John Review)
[_] File paperwork (Give Paul Review)

And finally, I'd like an additional option for grouping, action-groups. This would first group by project, and then further group by action group. This would look like this:

Give Annual Reviews (Project, parallel)
Give John Review
[_] File paperwork
Give Paul Review
[_] File paperwork