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thats amazing! i want the ipod touch even more now.

I'm now going to title things in a simpler fashion and add notes to all.

But i'm still stuck using OF on my Mac, so I need to find a way that my notes will always be viewable in whatever view i'm in.

I used the word "stuck" cause (and perhaps this is just me and i'm wrong) I hate having to carry my Mac everywhere to see my projects and actions. I don't get things done as much as i'd like. Some major projects are still in OF, when they should've been completed a long time ago. They're still relevant and still need to get done with no due date, which is why I haven't dropped them.

It might be just me but feel that with an iPod Touch I won't need to take my Macbook in my Incase backpack wherever I go only to see my projects and next actions. Recently i've shoved my Macbook into that Incase backpack and have taken it with me everywhere. Even if I'm just going to hang out with some friends at night. Like say we go to a party, i'll still take my incase backpack with my Mac and leave it in the car, just in case.

Mentally, i'm thinking with an iPod Touch i'll have everything I need to do with me all the time. I carry my Macbook everywhere, but an iPod Touch could easily replace it and an iPod Touch weighs so much less and fits in my pocket. seriously, people always see me with my incase sling backpack.

For a time I tried printing out all my projects, all my available actions, all in context mode, etc. Each printed about 7 pages which changes daily when you're actually completing actions and added new things.

Which is exactly why I figure with the iTouch and OF app, things will always be current and easy to carry....perhaps that is why I figure i'll get more done.