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I've just tested this and it works under "Projects" view, but it doesn't work under any perspectives. With Projects view it works when switching back and forth with no problem, and even if I close the app and open it back up notes are still displayed under the Projects view....But under my perspectives if I set the note view and go away to my inbox or something and return to the same perspective the notes view goes away.
What I was referring to is that OmniFocus preserves your window state when you quit. When you start it up again, your windows should be just as you left them, including the status of the notes display, on an action by action basis in my experience. Curt's description of the behavior of the perspectives mechanism is also correct, I believe.

I didn't know perspectives weren't available on the app. How do you get around this? I have an "available" view on my Mac OF, what's something similar that would be possible on the iTouch app?
You should go watch the videos:

Introduction to OmniFocus on the iPhone, by Michaela @Omni

Advanced OmniFocus and OmniFocus for the iPhone, by Don McAllister @ScreencastsOnline