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hi I am currently on a 14 day trial and getting to grips with OF, hit a problem trying to get a clipping from mail seemed to be unresponsive to quick entry clipping via shortcut, typed in suggested 'ctrl-alt-c' and has refused now to respond to any more changes to record new shortcut commands. reinstalling suggestion on forums sounds a bit drastic,not to mention time consuming reentering all the tasks and categories i just entered. any ideas on how to solve this glitch losing the will to live here! cheers Tom.......

hang on cracked it !
went into system pref in mac - keyboard - keyboard shortcuts - press + to add new applications - select Omnifocus - assign new clippings shortcut - shift - command - comma and then - went to OF pref - clippings shortcuts put in new keys for shortcut - quit all apps and restart . open OF check - open mail - highlight copy 'shift - command -comma' and hooorah !!! a mail clipping in my Quick entry window ....... and enough OF for now off to bed.

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