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I would like to be able to turn off the *application* of level styles to new rows. Reason: I have a large document that contains samples of text in many different styles. Reconstructing it in a fresh document is not an option. "Turning off level styles" does not turn off level styles: Omnioutliner has already decided that new rows must by default have (horribily inappropriate) styles. Clearing a default level style, so far as I can tell, wipes the existing styles.

I just want to keep the formatting I have, and stop the automated stuff. I can format levels as needed in the convenient-enough way that Omnioutliner provides: open to a particular level, and apply the desired styles.

Isn't this the moral equivalent of a one line patch, give or take a UI check-box?
Unfortunately your document can't be fixed with a patch. The checkbox is already there, it's turning off Automatic Level Styles. The automatic function doesn't work such that it can be shut off to have everything revert.

Thinking of your options.... Do you have OO3 pro? Is most of your sample text all on the same row level? Or a couple row levels? This'll be messy to explain without being able to see your file.