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I hope someone might be able to point me in the right direction please.

I am loving using OmniFocus on my iMac, Macbook, iPhone & iPad. I have my mail & omnifocus always on my iMac so I can easily add new items that crop up from emails on the go from by emailing myself from my iphone using the +omnifocus mail rule on my iMac. I have created a new contact address called omni which makes the whole process very fast.

However, I am wondering if I can expand this further.

I have some projects that are constant & high volume. For example, I see an article I need to read on my RSS feeds, so it would be great to email this to a +article contact which when received by my iMac email would be processed immediately by a new omnifocus rule to be clipped into Omnifocus with the project details & context entered in & even a default due date (ie 4 days).

Is this possible?

I have some scripting skills but need to be pointed in the right direction before embarking on such a task.

Also, would it be possible for omnifocus to also get the email attachments from such an email? I don't seem to get the attachments from the current default email rule built into omnifocus. Only using the clip-o-tron 3000 tool.

Thanks very much for any advice you can send my way.