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I am looking for a way to export from OO3 to a folder hierarchy of separate RTF files for each entry. I would like this done in a particular way which would probably entail some scripting (if it is possible at all). Here is an image of the kind of structure my OO document would have:

I would like the folder hierarchy to match the levels in the OO document, and then the RTF files to be named by the Page No plus Title columns, i.e. "1 Title 1" etc, the content of the RTF files to be Text 1, etc, and ideally some text appended to each file in the format "{author@(Page No. column)}".

Ideally I would like to go one step further and add a further column with tags that would be recognised in DEVONthink Pro, but I'm aware that might be asking too much as things stand.

Any advice as to the possibility/method of achieving any of the above would be gratefully received,