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Hi Wilson,

I agree with you so much as the mindmapping etc go, I also use PersonalBrain and its perfect for that. I use Evernote as a reference system. There is no reason for OF to incorporate these things as its quite OK to have them in separate systems. What I'm talking about though are things like goals, vison, areas of responsibility, etc.

For example, in the software I was using before it was very simple to trace single actions all the way back through each of these levels all the way to 50,000ft. OF is not designed for this (stops at 10,000ft unless you use workarounds) and that's why most OF users seem to be using multiple systems. I know a lot of people are happy to use GTD as simply a task management system but I want to relate my tasks and projects to my goals, principles, etc and having this aspect 'taken away' from me when switching to OF is what is hurting the most. I would love to continue using the software I was previously using (for 3 years) but it is only web based with no apps. Other software comes close but only has either desktop or mobile apps but not both. I think for people that value 20,000ft and up as much as runway and 10,000ft, having this in the same system is extremely useful and is why a lot of GTD software does incorporate this.