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Great thread - just want to contribute one data point. Compromises are sometimes required to fit a desktop productivity application onto a mobile device that has 256 MB of RAM, of which any given app can only access a portion. (The iPhone 4 actually has more RAM than an iPad does.)

Converting a document between formats requires holding two copies of the document in memory at the same time; the document/format you're going from, and the one you're going to. If you try to use more memory than the device has available at any point in that process, the OS shuts you down in a way that looks like a crash to most customers. At best, a feature that does this becomes a two-steps-forward-one-step-back situation.

Folks that do want to see this added should definitely email the support ninjas and let us know. Just wanted to clarify that there are sometimes technical reasons to exclude features that we know are important to folks. :-)