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My iPad is mostly my device of choice over my MacBook Pro, due to it's portability. Add a bluetooth keyboard and you have a pretty good combination, until that is it comes to bashing in a mind dump of tasks into OF. It would be so good if there was more keyboard input available instead of having to take your hands from the keyboard to poke the screen to move between OF fields or choose from menus. I have asked the ninjas to take us keyboarders into consideration, but I need some supoort from the rest of you keyboarders to move the request up the rankings.

So do you keyboard? Do you find data input a trial compared to the desktop version of OF? Have you contacted the ninjas?

ANNOYINGLY - I have added a post that I have been thinking about for a while which is at the moment covered by a post a couple down from here. Please feel free to lock or delete as that thread answers the question very well.

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