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I am reading that it is not possible to create perspectives directly on the iPad, will I miss that feature a lot?
Don't read the forums too much, especially threads about perspectives: the more you think about perspectives the more you will probably want to use them. You probably won't miss them if you don't know about them. :)

I use perspectives for two things:
a) The standard OF display for flagged items displays both projects *and* tasks. Say, "Clear out smelly cooler" is a project, and "Put stinky stuff" and "Hose it out" are tasks. I want them all flagged. So I flag the project. This means that OF displays all three items as flagged: The project itself and the not yet available actions are listed.
I have a custom perspective that displays only flagged tasks that are available. Actually, I have three: One as a straight list, one sorted by project, one sorted by context.

b) I have contexts for errands. I have a perspective that shows me all errands, but sorted by project. Normally, I would go into contexts, and see "Nearby errands", but this lets me see *all* errands, within their projects. You could also customize the perspective to show you even un-available items - so you could quickly identify things you needed to get ready so an errand trip was more productive.

Even without perspectives, IMHO OF is very rich and is far more in-depth than any other app I've seen. If you don't think about perspectives you *probably* won't miss them.

You could probably use the trial version of OF on the Mac to configure your perspectives and sync them. They'll stay there. (Also, on the iPad, you can add a "star" to a perspective, making it appear in the top-level list - this lets you have a lot of perspectives in the main list, but a few instantly accessible)