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[*]Blocked ads leave the containers behind, almost defeating the purpose for me. There should be a preference that when an ad gets blocked, its space on the page is not left void but filled by the other content.
FWIW, this is something that has been discussed a fair few times before (since it first appeared in OmniWeb 5.0 many years ago) - there are pros and cons to each method. The main cons with collapsing content are that you mess with the page layout as designed by the site developer which can cause issues with e.g. text flow and, secondly, you would no longer know when something has in fact been blocked (this would be a big problem for me as I block all Flash content by default as I prefer to see it only on a need-to-use basis).
[*]There should be an option to maximise the window. I like the way OmniWeb adjusts the size of the browser according to the webpage (like Safari), but there should also be an option to maximise the browser. This does not mean you should change the current method, but just that an extra option would be welcome for webpages that can scale to any resolution.
Shift-click the green zoom button to fill the screen.
[*]Every sort of resizing and shifting should be animated. When you click on the zoom button, the browser should smoothly slide to the new size. When the zoom button is pressed and the browser does not have enough space on one side, it should slide to the other side to make space. At present, these two actions are static. I am talking about the way the QuickTime Player resizes and shifts around.
This would be non-standard behaviour for a text-based/multi-media application in OS X - it would be down to Apple to adopt these suggestions system wide, not for OmniGroup to add them just to their own app.

Edit: forgot to mention - your other suggestions are on my list of wants as well.