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I'm wondering how many people out there are using OG as a website design tool and in particular what sort of workflow you've developed to make the prototype as useful as possible to the person creating the actual HTML/etc. Best I've come to so far is to just export a .psd file but then my photoshop artist pretty much ends up re-creating a lot of things related to the placement of text (not to mention fonts and fontsizes), etc. Actually it's even worse than that since they have to completely re-type any text by hand. Is there a better way to do any of this? I suppose exporting to .pdf files would at least preserve the text as a text entity as opposed to converting it to an image map? Multiple .pdf's on a per-layer basis? Is there a translator that does a better job? Export to Visio and use some additional translator on THAT file?

Any thoughts/ramblings/musings would be greatly appreciated!