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Warning: what follows is a rant (well deserved mind)!

I've only recently joined the ipad scene, but used an iphone for the last 4 years.

The new ipad has helped me move most of my work onto the ipad, and omnioutliner on the mac has been a long favourite on my mac. I am a public speaker/teacher and the ipad is superb for this. However, I've hit a few glitches in terms of information management.

I purchased omnioutliner for the mac without thinking and am really beginning to regret the decision. I have no quibbles with its functionality in terms of getting my text into a document. and styling it. Omnioutliner documents are really great to teach from. Everything else however infuriates me.

1. No sync to any popular dropbox, sugarsync, etc. When you've got apps like readdledocs and goodreader that sync to over ten, why on earth can't omni get their app to sync to even one! It beggars belief!

What use is an app if you cannot get your data out or in using popular applications that the majority of other apps sync to? Most text editors on the ipad sync with dropbox. why can't omnioutliner?

2. Document manager. I have some 160 (about 7mb) .oo3 documents. I have a 64GB ipad. I finally connected my dropbox via dropdav to use omni's webdav. However, I do not want 160 documents in a grid form. I want folders. Where are they? do I really have to put up with all my documents in one folder?!

I am now having to rethink my whole strategy. I'm not going to pay for dropbox, dropdav just to use omni. I'm now looking at markdown editors. Such a shame as I really likes omnioutliner. Perhaps in the future, although don't hold your breath as we're into the 3rd gen ipad and these problems are ones you would expect with the first gen. How I wish developers would actually use their products on the devices they design them for because they would rapidly realise the failing without having to infuriate customers.

rant over.