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I don't think there's any doubt that the sync debacle isn't The Omni Group's finest hour. I know that sync, particularly with document-based applications, is quite a hard problem. But TOG are ludicrously behind with OO, particularly considering how mature an app it is.

I imagine it's losing some custom. I'm in the position of having bought the iPad version, which I think is excellent in its own right, but I wanted to do most of my input and outline design at the desktop. However, I've been dragging my heels buying a mac license because of the sync issue. I've been trying to find a practical workflow for sharing between iPad and macbook, to the point where I requested (and obtained) an evaluation license extension. But it's not been a very successful experiment, and it has taken up far too much of my time. Now I'm looking for alternatives to OO for my projects. Shame -- in all other respects, I find OO about perfect for my needs, but 20th century sharing abilities are just impractical in the post-PC era.