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Hi Omni Group folks.
I hope it's the right section to post a "thank-you". :)
I've been using a mac just a little over a year. I've known about OmniWeb for months, but only yesterday finally decided to take the plunge and install it. My main reason was my frustration with other browsers. My beloved Firefox 4 consumes ridiculous amounts of memory (800mb-1.4 gigs) no matter how many tabs I close or how many add-ons I disable, Google Chrome has way too many "worker" processes no matter how many extensions I disable, Safari is okay but not my cup of tea, and Opera...well, Opera and moi could just never really hit it off.
OmniWeb was love at first try. :)
I love the Workspaces, I love the tab implementation, I love how fast it is. Right now I have 3 Workspaces, each hoarding a plethora of tabs, and memory usage is under 350mb.
I registered to this forum just to say thanks, and wish full-heartedly that the Omni Group continues to keep this browser alive (and—crossing my fingers—updated).