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Sorry there hasn't been any news on this. We do greatly appreciate everyone's interest in this app. We have been strongly considering developing OmniOutliner for the iPhone and we may very well do so in the future. However, right now we are making OmniOutliner 4 our priority.

Part of the reason for this is that we feel we need to know more about what features people would be looking for out of OmniOutliner for the iPhone. Due to the limitations of the iPhone hardware and software, not everything will be possible. Here's some specific questions that have come up in our discussions:

1) Do you need multiple columns of data, column types, or the column summary options?

2) Do you need formatting support? Or just plain text like OmniFocus for the iPhone.

3) Do you need attachment support?

4) Should it be a viewer only, or have editing capabilities? If just a viewer only, how well does the Quick Look preview/DHTML export meet your needs? (Viewing the export on the iPhone that is)

5) What kind of syncing expectations do you have? This would be one big reason why OmniOutliner 4 needs to be developed first as OO3 is not designed for merging synced changes.

If you have any other specific expectations for the app, please let us know too. Thanks for your feedback and support!

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