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I would like to see a fully functional version of OO for the iPhone complete with all the formatting and column options present in the full version. But, I can appreciate the limitations of the iPhone platform and would be satisfied if OO4 were to be introduced with a limited iPhone "extension" functionally.
One of the great features of the iPhone component of OmniFocus is being able to capture items which need to be acted on, whenever the thought arises, by reaching into your pocket and tapping in enough to act as a placeholder. Later, on the computer, the spelling can be fixed, contexts and due dates assigned, etc. Having the complete "open loop" collection in your pocket for reference is also invaluable.
Being able to have the same tool available for brainstorming and making initial outlines when the thought occurs would really extend the usefulness of the full version of OO. So with these principles in mind I will address your points;

1. I do not need column support. Simply being able to capture and display a simple representation of an OO document would be better than having no iPhone support.

2. The iPhone view of the outline could easily be in plain text or with a default formatting structure. I would still be free to format the document to my hearts content on the computer but the "syncable" component of the outline could be generic.

3. Attachment support would be nice but size limitations and file types virtually make this impossible. Simply showing the name and type of the attached file would serve to remind me what was in the master outline. That said, being able to use the iPhone to attach pictures and sound (like iPhone OF) would be a desired exception and must be in any OO iPhone component.

4. The iPhone extension must have a limited editing capacity which could be as simple as adding a new row and moving rows around, which would suffice for starting a new outline and adding new thoughts to an existing one.

5. The syncing does not have to be as elaborate as it is in the iPhone OF product. Even a manually initiated transfer of data would suffice.

I feel strongly that OO4 would become a much more widely used app if it had a component which could integrate with the iPhone. The iPhone is a device which is replacing the laptop computer in some functions, I am even going on some short business trips with it as my only computing device, as are many of my colleagues. An outlining tool will emerge as a standard on these mobile devices, I am hoping it will be my favorite, OO.