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I'm trying to use OmniPlan to plan a longish (3-yr) project with month granularity and unknown start date, and I'm running into a couple of problems:

1) I can't seem to be able to change the header format in Gantt-view. It's always "Month XX" (e.g., "Month 3"). I'd like to change that to something that uses a little bit less space, so that I get more months to fit into the window. If I just resize, all I get is a not very helpful "Mo..". Ideally, I'd like to be able to see all 36 months at a glance, with just the month numbers in the header.

2) Even though I have selected "undetermined start date", the months seem to be the actual months starting from now and not some idealized months. So "Month 3" seems to be March, which has 31 days. Now if I use the mouse to make a task fill exactly that month, the duration will be something other than the "1 mo" I'd like to see. In other words, I can't get the numerical display for duration or effort to line up with the graphical view.

I realize that my requirements are perhaps a bit odd, as I really only care about months and not days (which seems to be the normal billable unit), but this is the normal way to plan in the academic field, where conversely it would be odd to put hours or days or weeks into grant proposals. So if there is any way to achieve "planning with average months", I'd be very happy to hear about it.