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I have recently added an Aperture context. I have found that when I do photography related tasks it usually takes a reasonable chunk of time and while I'm in the mood I find myself becoming engrossed in photo processing tasks, not just the task that required me to launch Aperture. I have found it useful to group all the photo processing task together.
Yep, I do this too, especially because for me, running Aperture really is a physical context (not all my machines can run Aperture 3, nor would accessing the library via WiFi be pleasant). Similarly, scanning (especially film) is a context because of the overhead of setting up the gear and the endless supply of work.

I think this (location feature) is a bit of a gimmick. I set up locations for some of my contexts but I rarely use the feature.
Sometimes one guy's gimmick is another's life-changing feature. I use the location stuff pretty much every time I leave the house (which admittedly isn't all that often :-) I have a lot of errand tasks that have no particular time pressure, so they get worked when I happen to be nearby and free to act.