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On that note, maybe somebody has a recommendation here: I'm using the apple smart cover which is ok but I would like a case that protects the back to make taking the iPad with me in daily operations less "risky". It should offer the capability to stand the pad upright and in the typing-angle like the smart over does. Money is not so much a factor, I actually would like something from nice leather or such (I'm a business lawyer using this thing in meetings etc where a pink rubber case looks kinda odd ;) ). Thanks in advance.

I'm looking at this new Kensington cover:®.aspx

I was looking for an iPad case with a bluetooth keyboard but most of the early ones I've found only allowed me to type with the iPad in wide (landscape) orientation.

In a couple of other user forums, I've heard rave reviews about Kensington Keyfolio. It has a detachable bluetooth keyboard. You can prop up the iPad 3 in tall (portrait mode) or wide (landscape) orientation. It seems to be OK as far as protection is concerned. The bluetooth keyboard recharges via USB.

The Keyfolio Expert is for the new iPad. The Keyfolio Pro is for the iPad 2.