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I'm having a problem with Configure Publishing & Subscriptions.. to my Google Calendar.

I have 6 different calendars in my Google account and if I'd like to publish one from Omniplan, the Calendar menu in Omniplan shows me only two. (Sync tasks to/from Google events)

I was able to choose one of six calendars in earlier versions of Omniplan, but now there's only two calendars left to choose from?

Has anyone find the similar problem? Help!

I am having a similar issue. Why has this not yet been addressed?

I have verified my Google account in Account Preferences in OmniPlan. When I go to Configure Publishing, I select "Sync tasks to/from Google events" and server account correctly shows my Google account. However, the pull-down menu for Calendar does not show my available google calendars. all my google calendars are default permission settings within my Google Apps / Google Calendar settings.

What can I do to have my calendars show up in the OmniPlan pull down menu under publishing configuration?