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I'm just joining OmniOutliner, and lack of iphone support is a key issue for me. I'm using Mac and iPad version, and can't find an iphone app that can work with OmniOutliner effectively -- several outliners support OPML but not multiple columns; List Maker supports multiple columns but not OPML; List Maker supports column import/export via CSV but OmniOutliner supports CSV in export only.

The primary use cases are:
a) adding new outlines, and new entries on existing outlines, on-the-fly
b) editing outline entries -- both those added on the iphone and existing entries from iPad and Mac
c) viewing outlines for quick reference

1. Column support is critical -- need to be able to add and edit outline nodes and not necessarily the columns, but saving must retain the existing columns. CarbonFin Outliner can edit the nodes but overwrites the column data.

2. don't need text formatting on the iphone.

3. attachment support is nice-to-have, but not critical.

4. Editing is critical -- at least the main text in the outline node, and not necessarily the other columns which could be view only in initial release. Would like ability to edit columns in later release.

5. Sync is critical -- this is the entire point of having OmniOutliner on Mac and iPhone