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Hi CatOne -- Yes, I have all of the *.ofocus-project-metadata files in that directory. About 59 of them or so, and they're fairly up to date.

When I CMD-DOWN into a file, it brings up the project view in OF, so I know that it can open. I just dont' think that they're being indexed. Isn't there some sort of MDMImport file or something that is supposed to be configured with OmniFocus to work with Spotlight?

Hi Rogbar -- I am not getting anything in my Spotlight Documents section when I enter an OF project name. :-(

Well you can see if Spotlight is importing it. Open a terminal window and type:

mdimport -L

You should see a big list of stuff. In the list should be OmniFocus:

... "/Applications/",

You could try to tell Spotlight to re-import the OmniFocus files (this is all on one line):

mdimport -r "/Applications/"

And if you want to test, put some text in an entry in OmniFocus (I always use xyzzy) and then from a terminal try something like 'mdfind xyzzy' I just did it and got this:

Frygar:~ blloyd$ mdfind xyzzy

I realize this is kinda low-level-down-in-the-weeds Spotlight but it's what I've got ;-)