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I keep hitting my head up against the fact that I want non-actionable notes in OF, but OF's structure doesn't really have a place for them. For instance, when I create my list of to-dos under a project, I often want to put in a "what if?" or "remember this" note in the list. IN the list, as a sort of tickler, not in the note field of the project--I just forget it's there.
I normally put my notes in the notes field, and when I want to remind myself that there's an important note there, I add the text "(see note)" to the project title. It's good to be specific, like "see note for client's instructions", so it catches your notice at the right time. This is also the place where I normally put research about the project. If I want to see it later, I don't put it under the action note, since that disappears when it's completed. Once the project is completed, I don't really need the notes anymore (but OF still keeps it around in case I need to reference it again, or I can copy the info to an external file and save it there.)

But I do think it would be nice to have more control over individual notes fields, like the option to stay "always open".

My only other advice is to try to pinpoint which action it would be most logical to tag with that information. If it's information you need for the project, it usually should be brought up at a particular point (action) in the project, not something you need to think about at every step.