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Ok, I think I figured this out. What I found is that if you speak a day AND a time to Siri, along with a context like 'at home', Siri will only apply the date/time attribute and will not also apply the 'at home' attribute. So when the item makes its way to Omnifocus, it never gets a context.

But if I only say a date and 'at home', then it assigns both and it ends up in OF with both a due date and a context.

Also, I discovered that if I say the context first and then the day, it will not assign the context attribute, it will just put the 'at home' into the body of the reminder text. So, the syntax has to be:

"add x on <date> at <context> to my omnifocus list". I use the omnifocus reminder list so I don't get all my reminders in my omnifocus inbox. This syntax seems to work. So if I speak:

"add change furnace filter tomorrow at home to my omnifocus list", I get a date and context. If I do it ANY other way, I do not. Can't mention time, can't change the order of attributes spoken to Siri.

But it works. Cool.

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