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(2) allowing archiving to a webdav server.
Care to flesh out this vision a bit more? Do you see this as providing something more than allowing you to execute the archive command and look at archived on any of your clients?
Edit: Actually, now that I think about it, why do I even have to maintain a separate archive? Why can't archiving be the equivalent of a "stop syncing this data" flag in the database?
Because I can attest from personal experience that OmniFocus runs glacially when you start having > 10,000 actions in your database, even if most of them are out of sight! Getting an iPod touch forced me to do some heavy-duty archiving, but having slimmed down to about 2,800 actions (10,000 in the archive!) the iPod works fine, with a startup time of about 6 seconds, and the MacBook is like a new machine.