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Well I said 'seems'. If I claimed something I would have been more certain.

Why does it seem so? - Reading the changelog for OF for Mac 1.8 give me such idea. It directly states such issues were fixed. As I had no experience with it I can only assume that some other issues were or were not fixed and other will be found. Lets wait for update for an iPad version. I will be following these forums for a while. Having several years of experience with iOS I have no doubt that there will be lots of reports about sync with iOS 3, 4 for iPod/iPhone and for iPad.
Uh? Are you referring to "Edits in progress should no longer get lost when changes are synchronized from another computer"? This doesn't seem to me like a real data loss problem, but really a borderline situation. Additionally, it doesn't refer to any loss of data that has been entered in OF, only to data that is being entered at the very moment when sync takes place...
I think that what all OF users can attest to however much they dislike the interface or have needs that are not addressed (tags, etc.) is that it is the most solid piece of GTD software out there in terms of data safety.