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In 1.9 there was a change made so now if you have a project on hold, all the items for that project still show up in the "Remaining" filter of any context perspective. This has made several of my perspectives completely useless. For example:

I have a perspective called "Timeless" to show me all contexts that are missing an estimated time. I use the estimated time for other perspectives but I occasionally forget to put it in when I'm entering items, so this perspective helps (or helped) me keep things tidy. No longer. Now it's full of hundreds of items from my "On Hold" projects. I often brainstorm tasks for Someday/Maybe projects when I put them On Hold, but I don't necessarily add contexts, flags, estimated times, etc.

There are a bunch of other use cases that this change breaks as well, and I fundamentally don't understand the rationale behind it. Under the GTD ideology, for example, stuff on your "Someday / Maybe" list is just that: stuff you might do someday. It doesn't need to be fleshed out and fully developed like your active projects. It's a place to keep track of ideas and potential projects that you might pursue later. I always assumed that "On Hold" was intended to be analogous to that. In my view, items from a project marked On Hold shouldn't show up anywhere, and certainly not across all my views where I'm trying to get a handle on my active projects. It's just meaningless clutter.

I've emailed the support ninjas, but I'm so incredibly frustrated by this change and I wanted to see if anyone else is frustrated as well, or has found a way to work around it.

I have two solutions if the Omnifocus folks are bound and determined to stick to their change:

1. Give us an option on whether to include items from On Hold projects in the Remaining filter.

2. Add another filter option below Remaining besides "Next Action" and "Available" that includes everything other than the "On Hold" project items.

Am I just way off base here?