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Omniweb which is built exclusively for OS X in mind and Frameworks will always win.

IMHO if Camino gathered much more support and usage, it would make a great alternative for OS X. Yes, we really need a webkit competitor.

Firefox 3 roadmap may include native Cocoa, OS X but I won't believe it until I see it. It is not that easy, I am sure nobody is happy coding an application working like emulation.

See Opera, it supported OS X Keychain up to version 7.5 and they made an amazing decision to move to their own Wand.dat data. I am not speaking against the method of Wand, it has been proven that it is a very secure method of filling passwords but.. Wand.dat?

Firefox also have another quirk which can't be fixed by code. Fanatic community. Pick some of the posts on this forum and try to report same type of problems on sites like Mozillazine etc, you will understand what I mean.

BTW as Omniweb is a commercial browser, it should be compared to iCab which I found really impressive but loses because of Carbon.

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