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In a work context, I'm using it to create agendas that I distribute to clients that I am undertaking consulting work for.

My role requires fairly complex business discussions with business owners of firms with turnover in the millions of dollars. The meetings run for 2-3 hours per session.

To keep things on track I create a nice looking agenda with major topic areas and some sub points for their consideration. I create a PDF of this version to give to them, however beneath that, in OmniOutliner, I have a lot more detail that is for my eyes only. Questions to ask, issues to consider, that kind of thing.

When I'm in the meeting I use OO for iPad with the document open. While the client is usually looking at a printed copy of the basic PDF document with headlines I sent them, I am working from the detailed outline. This helps me keep control of the meeting.

Most of the time I still end up taking notes with a pen and paper, because it's still too fiddly to type, write in a meeting environment with an iPad. But the software certainly helps!