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It doesn't sound so far fetched to me (as a professional software developer) that the lack of movement on this is a database issue - they have to coordinate 3 separate versions to maintain compatibility (it's not a trusted system if it stops working the same on one or more devices), and I take Ken's statement that OF2 will address the database issue at face value.

Of course you could also ignore this and continue complaining whilst forgetting that it's a free market and no-one is forcing you to use OmniFocus. If it doesn't work for you you're free to go use something else - personally I come to this forum for OmniFocus chat and updates from the team, not to listen to loads of people who have never posted here before come and complain endlessly about how their system is broken by not having multiple contexts. They work fine for me personally, and if they didn't I wouldn't use OmniFocus.