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Option 2: I'm not familiar with SyncTogether, but does it have a feature to allow you to choose which iCal calendars to sync? If so, you could tell it not to sync the Focus calendars (the ones starting with "OF:"). Then you can sync your Focus files directly with Unison and sync Focus with iCal on either computer, and not worry about SyncTogether transfering the Focus info also and scrambling things up.
Just a small question about this setup: when I create a task in computer 1 and sync to iCal, after synchronizing the OF file to computer 2 the status is: task in C2 and task not in iCal. Will synchronization do the right thing (add the task to iCal) and not the wrong thing (remove it from OF, as it may thought it was already synchronized hence must have been deleted)?

Similarly, how does OF track which side was modified? If I change the name of a task in iCal, I expect it to change in OF after sync. But moving to another computer with "stale" iCal data may have some strange consequences.