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Alas, some actions ("try to take over the world") are worthy but not currently feasible. I'd like a place to put such actions, so they are off my mind but still, somehow, on my plate. Thinking Rock lets me move such actions into simple lists of "future items" and "information items"; OmniFocus doesn't. I tried creating an "Unfeasible" project; but its actions showed up inappropriately among do-able actions. My workaround is to mark the "Unfeasible" project as being "On Hold".
I don't see the "On Hold" state as a "workaround", but rather as a more elegant solution for marking items as someday/maybe. It's far more flexible than some kind of static container where you dump future or unfeasible projects.
My "Someday/Maybe" list is a SAL and, while each action is itself a project, they are in the list simply actions, not sub-projects. Why make them projects now? Right now, they are just stuff to consider that I might someday, maybe do. If and when I do decide to take that around the world cruise or put in hardwood floors or remodel my kitchen, then I'll move them out of this list and make them active projects. Right now, they're not really projects b/c I can't DO anything in them to bring about their desired outcome. What I do to keep them out of any perspectives is to not give them any context and set their Start Date way out in the future, like "Dec 31, 4712".

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