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My "Someday/Maybe" list is a SAL and, while each action is itself a project, they are in the list simply actions, not sub-projects. Why make them projects now? Right now, they are just stuff to consider that I might someday, maybe do.
Actually, I do the same thing. But as those ideas on my someday/maybe SAL mature, and I become convinced that I'm actually going to do something about them (although, not now), I often promote them to full projects with some degree of planning inside. But like my someday/maybe SAL, I still keep the projects on hold, since I'm not ready to act on them.

One nice thing about this approach is that I can set independent review intervals for the projects (rather than for the whole SAL). Also, it's a little easier to plan my actions in the form of a project than on the SAL. But I agree, there's probably not much point in going that far unless you're pretty sure you're going to act on it at some time in the not-too-distant future.

My main point, though, is that I really like being able to leave items (whether they be SALs or projects) in their natural setting (i.e. in their folders, in the order I desire, nicely tucked in wherever it is that they belong) and still mark them as "someday/maybe" by putting them on hold.

Having to drag them into some other, separate container to indicate "someday/maybe", as Matt Neuburg suggested, just feels wrong and inefficient to me. You lose all sense of context (lowercase c) on the item.