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I'm a fan of Penultimate's file system, which allows you to choose between the same style as OO, Pages, etc. or a more grid-like view ( I really like this grid view, because even though you won't be able to see as many documents as with a list view, you can still make out the basic design of each document. 6 full docs are visible on one page, with 2 more obscured at the bottom.

That's way better than one document. Plus, you can quickly scroll and organize either by name or modify date. In Penultimate, you have to click a "notebook" twice to open it: once to select it, making available for export/delete, and once to actually open it. This changes the user experience compared to OO's one doc active at a time scheme, but it could be a nice trade off.

It's pretty but again suffers from the same sort of thing that cover flow suffers from. The preview takes time and resources to render. One reason the miniature pages work for recognition in Penultimate is that they do not offer a zoom view when writing. This means even with a stylus that writing tends to be much larger than type. I use NoteShelf with it's zoom writing and if pages were reduced to that small I'd be hard pressed to recognise which were which unless I also doodled a bit on them....which I do:cool:.

Still, if given the choice of cover flow with catalogue view (penultimate's method) I'd choose the latter. What we really need are lists of files and folders to organise them in. I'm still really confused as to why Omni felt cover flow was appropriate for document storage and access. It makes the iPad feel and look more like a toy than a tool.