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I have tried both using a context and a project for both "waiting for" and "someday/maybe" and none of the solutions is perfect. Why? Because "Waiting for" and "Someday/Maybe" are not contexts or projects, they are _statuses_.

I might have a task which I know which context I should be doing it in and which project it belongs to, but I do not have the time to do it within a reasonable timeframe. Also, the task is not of a very high priority - so I want to mark it as a Someday/Maybe task.

My point is that the concept of task/project/context statuses is needed.
I couldn't agree more. I posted this reply in a previous thread re handling of single tasks, but believe my approach supports your argument. Other than ThinkingRock (unfortunately, I can't deal with the mac repellent GUI), I've not seen a GTD specific app address status, which means I'll continue to use Journler until it happens.

Originally Posted by Janice
Another potential approach. Currently, I utilize Journler as my GTD application and organize my tasks according to three broad categories; status, context and projects. Status captures tasks as either Scheduled, Delegated, Pending, ASAP, Reference or Prospective.

When processing my inbox, each task is assigned a status and context. Project assignment is optional.

I find it distasteful to categorize my Status groupings as Projects for the reasons previously stated in this thread. And I find it equally distasteful to classify these groupings as Contexts. Personally, I use Context groupings to determine the environment (e.g. office, loft) and resources (e.g. phone, labeler) required to execute the task. To manipulate the definiton of Context to include the "status" of tasks, dilutes the effectiveness of both categories.