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I also like using Someday - and agree that there should be some flexibility with it. But I'm not sure what more would be useful for them, or what previous posters are asking for.

So far, for Someday, we can already:
1) Set it as a Folder of Projects, or as a Sub-Project (which is what I do, and like)
2) Set it as a Context (Active or Inactive)
3) Set it as a Project On-Hold
4) Set it as a Project, with a future (far off) Start Date

So what would make it "perfect?" I think I'm hearing:
a) add "Someday" (or "Maybe") to the Status setting of project
b) add a pre-set folder, like the In-Box to the interface
c) something about sorting the order of the projects - rather than setting order only by dragging in the list

Did I catch everything?

I'm not sure that any of these are really needed, but it seems like adding something to the list of statuses would be relatively simple. Or maybe less simple, let the user edit the list of Status items.