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Viewed the video before downloading Focus for a spin- and it was very well produced and helpful.

However, upon install I found Focus to be non-intuitive and it left me with a sense of 'what on earth is this tool supposed to do?' Free form tasks? Contextual associations.....hmmmm. This may be good!

The last time I found a tool this intriguing from the first splash screen was Lotus Agenda back in 1988. The power in that app was way ahead of it's time and little did I know that I was one of only 20,000 people on the planet who actually used it day to day. Windows 3.0 arrived; Lotus Agenda died and I have missed it ever since.

Perhaps Focus' ability to build intelligent intersections of information from simple, random text strings provides the same attraction as Agenda did back in the dark ages of computing. I am looking forward to seeing how far we can extend this tool in our manufacturing and mining operations.