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I run my MBP at work on the corporate network, at home on my private network over VPN. There are always a few hiccups going between the two, and Omnifocus sync seemed to be a hangup if I tried to quit the application after I'd switched network modes, so I've been making a point to quit before I leave one location and then start it up again when I reach the other.

Lately, though, Omnifocus will not shut down cleanly. I get the spinning ball of death for a while, then it goes unresponsive, and then I kill it. I try to make sure that my sync is done before I quit, so I'm not sure what it's doing on the way out that is hanging it up.

I just killed it, brought it back up, let the autosync finish, then clicked once for a manual sync, waited for the wheel to stop turning, then hit Quit. Here it sits in limbo land again.

Anyone else seen behavior like this? I sync with WebDav, and my iPhone ad Mac both seem happy enough with that. Not sure makes quitting fail.

Maybe I need to write to the support Ninja's and send the problem report information.