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I really love the concept of GTD. My problem is, I have stuff in OmniFocus from 4 months ago still to do.

I just don't find myself checking it often enough. Maybe some of that will change with the iPhone version, but for the computer, I have issues such as:

* I need to look up a manual for an old appliance. I don't want to do it now.

What is the context for this? Web? Google? Free time? I know this is a GTD issue in general, but OF does not help me figure this out.

For example, if it was "Web" then maybe OF could have a little badge on its icon, a menu widget, that could scroll and show me some of the parallel items for this app context.

Same with mail, or what not. How many of those special contexts are there? I don't know.

* The UI confuses the hell out of me

For some reason I have a gray "1" badge on the dock icon. Why? I click to bring OF forward, it does not let me know what it is for.

So I poke around, oh I see, there is a gray 1 in inbox. Why? I added this action by:

* Selecting my Home context
* Pressing return
* Entering action
* Chose a project
* Chose a context
** WHy did I need to chose a context? I had one selected when I pressed return.
* Accepted the action

So if i chose a project and a context, why is it in the inbox?

This little annoyances keep me from using OF as much as I should. Filtering contexts, I am always switching between Active and all. All has too damn many contexts, active not enough.

I think the best thing I could use is guidance, in the form of GTD lessons, and examples, maybe in screencast form, of how people efficiently use OF.