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I have talked to some friends. One said "it's so confusing I just use one context for everything."
Wow, what a shame. That's like using a new widescreen HDTV for nothing but shadow play because the buttons on the remote are so confusing. And most TV remotes are far more complicated than OmniFocus. :)

I'd hate to talk someone out of buying an OF license, but maybe your friend would have been better off with TextEdit or iCal's to do list?

I'm puzzled by this seeming perception that OmniFocus is so complicated. Why are people so intimidated? I guess there's a lot of flexibility that can maybe seem a little scary at first. But I don't see what the big deal is. And I wonder what could be done to alleviate people's fears.

But I guess these questions are better discussed in another thread. Sorry for the digression.