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Thank you, I have done that but the drop down menu still doesn't seem to see it. Let me tell you more...:confused:
I have just switched to a new macmini from my old macmini. While using my old macmini I kept lots of files on a LaCie hard-disk. I have 'done' the simple switch macs and now seem to have 'omnioutliner 3' template folders on all three drives!!!
So I have
  1. My new macmini
  2. The old macmini working has a hard-drive with a firewire connection.
  3. The LaCie hard-drive. the question is 'where is my omnioutliner looking to find the template folder?!?' Is there any way of finding out?

This is what happens when you think you know what you are doing in upgrading your machine!:rolleyes: