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Lizard, thank you for the suggestion. I deleted anything in reference to my old user name in my account appearing in Keychain and was able to sync OMFocus on iMac with

I then deleted OMF on my iPhone and re-installed it. When I tried to sync the OMF on my iPhone I still get the same message "Unable to synchronize database with server. Unable to perform WebDav Operation. The server returned "forbidden" (40 in response to a request to "PROPFIND ..........etc."

So I guess the problem is something in the iPhone which prevents OMF to sync with my new user name account.

OF on my iMac (at work) syncs with iDisk which in turns sync with my Mac Book Pro (at home) without problem. So the problem is not with iDisk but with the OF on iPhone.

Please HELP ! I have been spending way too much time on this at the expense of my work.

p.s. Just a thought - any point in erasing all content and settings of my iPhone by going to Settings - Reset - Erase all Content and Settings ?

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