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I am a newby, so forgive me for inquiring about the obvious:

How do I implement continuous/returning tasks in the Gantchart spreaded over time? Omniplan seems to always use full efficiency, so the task is finished to soon, or calculates way to much hours spend (when setting the duration) and therefore spending to much budget.

Example: I have a project with several projectmembers and 1 projectmanager with a duration of 5 months. The PM has several tasks, each on which he will spend for example 2 hours a week. So I implement either the total time needed on a task and the PM is finished in 3 weeks when Omniplan calculates the duration. Or when I implement the duration, he will be spending way to much hours according to the calculation of Omniplan. When I the cut the availability in the agenda, I'm heading for trouble when i want to assign his next task.

There must be an easy way, without assigning him as material or something.

Thanx for any help. This has cost me way to much time, so far.