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I use Evernote to capture Audio while I am driving.

It has a large capture screen, but is the same amount of steps to capture an item to the inbox.

But the main reason I use Evernote for audio capture is when I am reviewing new items, the audio is embedded into the 'action'. When reviewing audio items in the OmniBus inbox I have to:
select action
reveal the note
double click on audio file
play in quicktime
close quicktime

I've put in a request to OmniFocus to embed the audio into the note of the action. If that was done, I would be using OF for my audio capture.

I suppose it would be nice to have two big buttons to record audio.

Another solution some use is a service called Jot. You dial a number on your cell phone, record a message, it is transcribed into text and emailed to you. Some of the downsides are:
it's transcribed by a person in India (information not private)
the transcription isn't always accurate
there is a fee involved

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