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Thanks for the tips on Evernote, which I like, but I don't use it enough to remember when there are notes in there I want to work on. Plus, notes don't seem to link to omnifocus, so for the most part I don't rely on evernote.

I tried Jott, but all the setup required before entering your note (open Phone app, click Jott from Favorites, wait for an answer, tell it who you wanted to jott, then speak) caused me more often than not to forget what I was going to say! Maybe that's just a personal problem. ;-)

I ended up using Note2Self because it will automatically email voicenotes once you stop recording. My email inbox is the only other place I consistently look to for new Tasks, so this works out okay.

I just figured that if omnifocus was going to have a voice recording feature, I would want access to it asap, not fiddling around looking for it.

Like people from the thread you linked to, I tend to only use voice entry when I'm in a hurry, and I'll classify it when I get back to my desktop.

Thanks for that link; it's interesting to see how differently people process things...

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