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Welcome to California! We're not allowed to talk on cell phones while driving either.
That's not quite an accurate statement, as much as I might wish otherwise!

California Vehicle Code [VC] 23123 says you can't handhold a cell phone while driving. If you are 18 or over, you may use a hands-free device.

California Vehicle Code [VC] 23124 says those under 18 may not use a cell phone while driving, hands-free device or not.

California Vehicle Code [VC] 23123.5 prohibits drivers of any age from writing, sending, or reading text-based communication on a device such as a cell phone.


Of course, since January, I've seen at least three police officers talking on cell phones while driving. I guess they get some kind of special training at the academy that makes them more resistant to distractions than other Californians. ;-)
Don't get me started on the apparent unwillingness of CA police officers to follow the same laws they are supposed to uphold :mad: