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I am having problems syncing the completion status of actions via iCal / MissingSync to my Palm Treo 680.

If I flag an action as complete in OF, then sync with iCal, the corresponding task is shown as complete (with completion date today). However, when I then use MissingSync to sync to my Palm, the completion status doesn't change on the Palm - the Palm task is still shown not completed.

By setting the Data Change Alert in iSync to appear when any data is changed, I have determined that the following metadata is changed by OF:

Completion Date: from 'none' to '09/08/2008'

This is shown in iCal as completed on '09/08/2008', but the completion status will not be updated after syncing to the Treo.

If I now take an incomplete task in iCal, that was previously added by OF and successfully synced to my Treo, then check the task as completed *in iCal*, the following metadata is changed by iCal:

Status: from 'needs action' to 'completed'
Completion Date: from 'none' to '09/08/2008'

When next synced to the Treo, the Treo shows this task has been completed.

Are others experiencing similar issues, or is this a known issue with OF / MissingSync interop?

Current versions:
OF 1.0.3 (v77.
Leopard: v10.5.4
Missing Sync: v6.0.3, also experienced with v6.0.4 update